Spark Indigenous - Slow Studies Creative x Meta

        Slow Studies Creative is partnering with Meta to launch Spark Indigenous: Augmented Reality Creator Accelerator, a five-week incubator program providing 10 Indigenous creators with customized, hands-on training to integrate interactive augmented reality (AR) experiences as a tool for cultural storytelling. Creators will learn how to use Meta Spark Studio, a free AR design toolkit, to build immersive experiences based on their art practice.

       Each Creator will work closely with multi-disciplinary Indigenous Artist, Josh Conrad, and use AR assets from our Lead Creators - Emma Hassencahl-Perley, Ovila Mailhot and Mel Beaulieu - to learn the fundamentals of Meta Spark Studio and start building their own AR experiences.

      Throughout the program, creators will participate in weekly sessions that will offer them the opportunity to share ideas, learn from one another’s background and artistic practice, and consider how augmented reality experiences can be used to support social movements and amplify meaningful causes. Tutorials from the program will be made available to anyone interested in learning to build AR experiences once the program is complete.

      To learn more about Spark Indigenous at