About The Beads Knees

My name is Mel Beaulieu and I am a 2Spirit beadwork artist in Fredericton. My mother is Mi’kmaq from Metepenagiag First Nation and my father is French Canadian. I grew up with my four sisters in Stanley, New Brunswick. I started beading 4 years ago as an outlet for stress, and have fallen in love with this art form.

When I’m creating beadwork I focus on creating something that gives the wearer feelings of pride in their culture, but is contemporary enough to be worn anywhere. I feel that when a piece is wearable in any environment it creates opportunities to share the beauty and versatility of our culture with people who don’t always notice or see us. My beadwork practice has become a way to create contemporary, everyday reminders that indigenous cultures are not relics - that we are still here, still evolving and growing.

I can be found on Instagram: @the.beads.knees